Custom WordPress Themes

Although WordPress is typically known as a blogging platform, it’s uses are varied, and can be used to run a standard / non-blog web site as well.

In considering budget, as well as your desire to be (or not be) hands-on with the web site, there are two options for developing your web site.wp_logoTo begin with, we will create a custom design for your site, and develop it as a WordPress Theme. The WordPress Theme files are what contain the content pages of the web site.With WordPress, you are given access to the WordPress Administrative Area where you are able to create as many pages, categories or articles as you would like, all from your web browser. If there are multiple authors you would like to give access to, this can be done as well so that multiple people can publish articles or pages on the web site.

Once everything has been setup, including incorporating the custom design that will match the rest of the web site – no additional HTML skill is necessary.

For more advanced users, there is a “code view” option where you can edit HTML code in a page, post or article, but it is not necessary for creating simple content. The WordPress Admin area provides a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, similar to a mini-version of Microsoft Word.

We can develop a custom WordPress Theme based on the design that we create for you. Or if you are a designer, we can bring your design to life by converting it to a fully functional, custom WordPress theme.